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Electric Cricket!

Cricket patch.


filter  A-105 selfoscilalting  ,

ramp oscillator for modulation of the Q of filter

a-147. a-149 random patch from the manual of the a-149 (remodeled)


Function in envelope mode modulating ramp oscillator






FM Modulation


Interesting  thing happens when you feed output of the one oscillator into the other oscillator , we obtain new kind of synthesis, what is referred to as  a FM Synthesis or FM modulation.

In the above example, the sine wave(the big one) is modulated by the square wave (the tiny one), So on this case the Sine Wave is the   carrier, and the Square wave is the modulator.

The complex sounds are formed by so-called sidebands, that are created above and below the carrier signals.

In this session  3 sine oscillators are connected in series  have been modulating each other. More  precisely 3 analog filters self-oscillating. The Blue is the FM modulation,Self oscillationI have uploaded video of the FM Modulation of my system.

Wiring almost finished!!

IMG_3042I am happy to announce that wiring of this module is almost finished.

DIy Synth -2

banana2I have  able to, to drill the rest of the holes, and I have found out that I like drilling…:) must be a guy thing. I was planning to use 1/8 inch jacks, but than I have decided to go instead of with banana connectors.
I like the banana connectors ,because these are color coded, and  there is less soldering, and they look more cool.

So , Green will be IN, and Red will be Out, I will see what will be the Reset, probably Yellow.  or Purple.

I have  installed the  Pots,  the switches and the connectors. Next is to glue in the diodes and the wiring.

DIY Synth

Hey you,IMG_3014

I am a building my own CMOS/Lunetta synthesizer/logic machine/ noise maker.
I am planning to build couple simple  electronic circuitry, the will hopefully generate some interesting sounds. Just to tell you that I do not  have any electronic background,  everything i have learned so far  is from the internet. I have some knowledge of music :). Everything will be running on 9 volts.

Wish me luck. Read the rest of this entry »