DIY Synth

by mmadejster

Hey you,IMG_3014

I am a building my own CMOS/Lunetta synthesizer/logic machine/ noise maker.
I am planning to build couple simple  electronic circuitry, the will hopefully generate some interesting sounds. Just to tell you that I do not  have any electronic background,  everything i have learned so far  is from the internet. I have some knowledge of music :). Everything will be running on 9 volts.

Wish me luck.


First modules i am planning to build it is a 401o6 clock/oscillator  and 4040 clock divider. But before the soldering part, there are few things  I have to build.

The Box.

So far  I have managed to build the wooden box.  It is build from 3/4 inch pine wood panels, that  i am planing to varnish. So far, there are two rows of 8 inch by 24 inch.

The panels.

The panels will be made of  1/16 ” (o,o63″) of aluminum( 6061 T6 aluminum sheet). I have cut the panels using jig saw with a special metal/aluminum blade, but i find that it is easy to cut with a regular metal hand -saw.IMG_3010

The holes.

For now I am drilling using a hand drill,  maybe in the future i will use upright drill. For a large 1 meg potentiometer i used 3/8  metal bit, i find that general dose of WD40 helps  a lot. For 1/8 jacks  and switches i use 5/16 bit. For diodes the smallest bit i have 🙂IMG_3011So far i have drilled holes for 40106. I will provide schematics as i go on.

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